au where kurt and blaine meet at comic con, kurt cosplaying captain america and blaine freaking out over him plus sam being the embarrassing best friend~!

I decided to go through my collection of Disney DVDs and see what reward codes I hadn’t claimed yet. Got just over half way through and I’ve already got enough points to exchange for another two DVDs haha. Still got about 7 codes left to try but I’ve apparently reached my daily limit.

Went to Tesco to do the food shop and somehow ended up with these. Only cost me £20 thanks to an offer and mother paying for some of it.

sorrymarilyn requested: klaine + parellels


Blaine in a fluffy bunny ears hat requested by isitthattimealready!

                                    I blew into this world on a leaf.
                          I’m still blowing. I don’t think I’ll ever land.

I’m freeeeeeee!

Kurt + the alphabet [insp.]

Doctor Who + references in other television shows