So, Kurt Hummel, my amazing friend my one true love
Will you marry me?

"We’ll always belong to each other."

Working on part of my brother’s birthday card. Can you tell what it is yet?

After many months of photo shoots, text amendments and numerous drafts going back and forth between me and the principal, today I finally collected 650 copies of our new school prospectus and sent most of them out to our local primary schools. Bearing in mind that the actual prospectus was the last thing to be added to the prospectus packs, which also each contained an application form, an info booklet, a letter from the principal and in 50% of cases personalised invitations. All in labelled A4 envelopes (again, personalised where possible). I have literally been dreaming about stuffing the envelopes. The relief of it all being over with is almost overwhelming.

But of course now I have to shift my attention to finalising the new 6th form prospectus. And thinking of free ways to advertise our open evenings. And making sure there’s plenty of marketing materials for the evenings themselves. And volunteering my time to getting the science department’s displays and activities done for said evenings.

And that’s just for my marketing role. My careers role is somewhat getting neglected right now.

klaine week | favorite moments of affection in season five

Request imawhat​: Baby Blaine giving his balloon to an upset baby Kurt to cheer him up. 

iluvklaine requested: klaine + bowties


I would probably pass out if they called each other “Mr. Hummel” and “Mr. Anderson” oh man


Baby love. (4/4)